Shontae Moran


Shontae is one part of a family team that includes her husband Brendan and Dad in Law, Dan. Together they run a grazing operation north of Clermont at Double D, a block that was drawn by Dan and his late wife Denise in one of the last few Brigalow Block Ballots in 1974.

Dan and Denise carved out a home and a business literally from the ground up, spending the first six years living in a caravan under a shed. A pretty fancy set up compared to some of the original homesteads! Double D turns off both trade and fat cattle, bred on the property and sold either direct to works or through the saleyards to meet domestic, European Union and background buyer specifications.

This is very dependent on the season and the variability of the livestock market. The Moran’s have chosen to view their breeding and fattening business as a partnership with the environment at Double D. This decision has fostered a deeper understanding and careful balance between productivity and biodiversity which allows both the environment and livestock to flourish.

Brendan and Shontae have four children, two girls and two boys who are educated through Distance Education on the property with the help of the fourth member of the team, Katherine Fausett. To be able to share their love of life on the land and their respect and understanding of the intricacies of mother nature with their young family is a gift both are grateful for every day.

Shontae is passionate about embracing the raw, harsh seasonality of the environment in the western area of the GWFN and about fostering a connection between ‘the coast and the roast’. This connection will give rise to a dynamic, robust, seasonal, local food culture that thrives when everything else is struggling in our CQ Summers and shares the bounty of our unique region during the cooler months of the year.