CannonBee is family business from the heart of Queensland. We specialise in 100% Raw Honey and bee products. Our traditional processes means our honey is untreated, unheated and unfiltered, to produce honey as it should be 100% raw and pure.

Our principle is the bees must come first; we do not relocate the bees for mono-crop pollination they have a place to call home. Our bee sanctuary has an abundance of diverse nectar supply, resulting in single batch traceable produce, local adaptation, minimal stress and keeps our bees and honey free of pollutants and chemicals.
We handcraft gourmet products using locally grown fresh produce and our Raw Honey. Real food with nothing added just the goodness of nature.
Our journey into beekeeping started with two hives and borrowed equipment, guided by a gentleman with over 70 years experience. From the first taste of real honey, the feel of wax, the smell of the hive, the intricacies and complexities of the colony. These little creatures completely changed our lives. There is something magical about entering a bee colony. A mixture of wonder, amazement and fear. Yet if you pick your time and treat them with respect they let down their guard and let you explore. A really enjoyable feeling is working a colony with acceptance.
We believe beekeeping is mutually beneficial to both humans and bees. We give them the resources to survive and help them expand; we only take surplus honey, which allows them to feed their young the honey they worked so hard to store.
We care about our bees and believe that they make the best beekeepers.