Eungella Beef

Eungella Beef is bred and raised at ‘Cloudbreak’, a family owned and operated sustainable grass-fed beef cattle property, located on the beautiful Eungella plateau. Mandy and Kell believe that the health of their Lowline cattle, and premium quality of their beef, is derived from the ground-up, and focus on soil health, pasture innovation, stress-free cattle handling, and low food miles directly to a local butcher, and then Mackay families.

‘Cloudbreak’ in the beautiful Eungella hinterland, is fringed by pristine Crediton Creek and surrounded by mist-shrouded Eungella National Park. At an altitude of 800m we enjoy the purest air and water nature provides. Covered in lush Kikuyu and Clover pastures, ‘Cloudbreak’ has a unique cool climate and abundant rainfall, which grows well-marbled, tender, flavoursome and beautifully textured beef, nurtured from our paddock to your plate.

As responsible custodians, we aim to decrease the impact that pest plant and animal species, and grazing practices, have upon our natural resources. We are committed to being environmentally sustainable and utilising best farming practices such as cell grazing for natural pest control and pasture resilience, and the provision of off-stream watering points to keep our lowline cattle out of our beautiful creek.

We purchased ‘Cloudbreak’ in 2010, from the original dairying family who had opened up the country in the 1930’s. Previously we owned a smaller coastal property near Rockhampton, and our starter herd consisted of 4 Lowlines. We enjoyed our Australian Lowline cattle so much that we searched for a larger property with higher rainfall, and found our idyllic property at ‘Cloudbreak’.

Developed for sustainable farming, our Australian Lowline cattle are from heritage Aberdeen Angus stock. Our cattle are bred by us, and are content, stress-free, free-range animals, assuring our customers of superior quality ethical beef.

Since March 2015, we have been blessed to be involved in the innovative MIW Food and Agritourism project, an amazing opportunity to grow our farm business to new levels. The mentors, friends and networks that we have gained in that time, as members of the Greater Whitsunday Food Network, are invaluable. We have grown from selling live stud and commercial Lowline cattle and the occasional side of Lowline Beef, to launching a premium boutique beef label, website, facebook page, supplied beef to celebrity and local chefs, received wonderful testimonials about our beef, undertaken radio and newspaper interviews, partnered with MRC, Helloworld, and Reef Catchments to host catered farm tours using our own beef, and now sell our Eungella Beef on a monthly basis at the Greater Whitsunday Farmers’ Market.

We are committed to sharing our love of our cattle and our country, and our belief in local, fresh food and the importance of knowing how our food is produced, treated, and where it comes from. We would love to see all local primary producers embrace the GWFN and share their produce and their story.

The highest quality sustainable beef from our cool green hills at the top of the world.

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