Lara’s Fresh Produce

All of our produce are picked as fresh as it can be, and comes straight from farms around Townsville and Bundaberg. Robert and Rebecca Hold, the main local farmers and owners of Lara’s Fresh Produce, has kept the business going for over 20 years and counting. The business began as a little hobby, and only selling within our community, but as time went by, we continued to expand from region to region, meeting great people and visiting new places. Our customer base was developed firstly through friends and family, which then expanded to a much wider community, who greatly assisted in supporting and promoting our business. We believe that offering the best and freshest produce to the customers is an absolute must, as we care about what we deliver. To be a part of GWFN is a great honour, as local farmers, such as ourselves, are in need of support from the community, most especially in today’s growing industry of produce.

0448 565 665