Proserpine Herbs and Seedlings

Kevin and Paulette Ecker certainly have the green touch. The Proserpine couple spend their time sprouting vegetable and herbs and selling them to the public. They grow everything on a hectare of land at Proserpine.

Kevin said he started growing seedlings in 2008 and has been growing herbs for about 25 years.

“We mainly do it so people can grow their own veggies without having to buy them. So people can enjoy growing their own veggies and eating out of their own garden.

“I try to use as much organic processes as I can. I use eco oil, which is 100% organic for insects, it does a good job for me.

“We do everything by hand, I do all the seedlings myself, all the vegetable seeds and the herbs, tomatoes, chillies, I buy the seeds in and germinate them myself, then transfer them into their individual pots.

“If you grow it in the same environment, people take them home to the same climate so that when people take them home, they know they are going to have the right conditions.

“My mother always had a veggie patch, so I suppose it stems from there. It’s relaxing, I enjoy watching the seeds come up, it works well if you get good seeds in. The seeds I get usually have about 95% germination.

Kevin and Paulette work a roster selling seedlings in Mackay, Townsville Airlie Beach and Bowen.

“People come back saying how their seedlings have grown so well and that they want more. Young people come here and they’ve never grown anything before, they come back and they are growing things. I try and help them when I can. Most of my customers are return customers.

“There’s things you can plant at any time of the year, summer or winter, as long as you are prepared to put the time in and look after them, you’ll get results.”